The Latest CRISPR Gene Editing Firm Preparing to Go Public: Brainstorm Health

The money, it seems, isn’t waiting for the science. But it’s worth noting that none of these companies, public or otherwise, have proven that CRISPR’s potential actually works in real human beings in a clinical trial setting. Read on for the day’s news. Beam’s “base-editing” system aims to make even more precise tweaks to our genetic building blocks—think of it as molecular scalpels rather than shears. Less than a year and a half later, the company is already plotting an IPO. The Beam Therapeutics founders believe their technology can go one step beyond what “traditional” CRISPR already does (there is, of course, nothing quite traditional about slicing and dicing DNA). I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Previously, companies like (the aptly named) CRISPR Therapeutics, Editas Medicine, Intellia Therapeutics, and others—all involved in the CRISPR space, albeit with various academic partners—had already hopped on the IPO bandwagon. Last year, Feng Zhang, one of the pioneering minds behind CRISPR gene-editing technology, and a number of colleagues launched yet another startup in the space called Beam Therapeutics. Beam has filed initial paperwork for a public offering aiming to raise $100 million, according to a new SEC filing, making it the latest genomic specialist to join the cascade of IPOs in the space. Those studies are just getting started. This is all fascinating science. Hello and happy Monday, readers! Sy Mukherjee, @the_sy_guy,
Source: fortune

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